Xiaomi Founder Lei Jun Received about $ 1 Billion Dollar Bonus

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun received shares worth 96.1 million dollars as bonus from the company. This information was found from the Chinese Tech Giant’s Annual Report of 2018. Earlier, the company expressed the willingness give share as bonus to Lei Jun based on 8-years’ contribution. 1 billion dollars was given to him by 63.6 billion shares. Also, he received salaries and dividends from Xiaomi. The extent of which was not revealed. After deducting the Government tax, the remaining huge amount of money would be donated is informed by Lei Jun.

Xiaomi net profit was $ 1.3 billion in the previous year. This company is not just a smartphone rather it sells something more. In China, they sell the smart shoe, the wireless vacuum cleaner and other things. By the time the company got the most popularity and especially the popularity of the smartphone.

AZ on the BBC / April 11/019/1240

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