Virtual effect on the job market,
skills and its best.

Too many questions have raised. Over 100 million people Lose their job due to
lockdown last year! And, Also In this year, global Working hours never be back like
the previous ILO has already predicted. This time the destruction is far ahead of
the financial 2009’s economic crisis. So, what will be next? Will be the business
leaders quit?

Will be the employers quit?
Will be our future (students)
quit? But giving up can’t be the solution for sure.
Honestly speaking,
No matter how worst the situation is, still, there will be an alternative. Not every
fish will die if you put them individually into a dry place. Fish out of water doesn’t
matter anymore for those who knows how to breathe outside, how to survive.
Still, everything is positive. One just needs to deal with the uncertain changes. So
yes, I’m liable for What I’m saying.

The most crucial factor of time is ‘it flows endlessly’;. This term causes all the
changes to our surroundings. That’s why every single day is significant. Lot’s of

changes occurred day by day in our personal and professional life. We have
updated our lifestyle. We have updated our choice. So, the job market is also
updated. We are monitoring the clear impact due to covid nowadays on the field.
At this stage, we need clarification about the future services, which will be most
initials. Look, We always want to sit and earn, we don’t want to work hard a lot
physically, but we want money as usual. The only solution for this is to working
smart than working so hard. This smartness deals with psychology, creativity,
productivity, soft and technological skills. Especially in this period, we should be
more focused on technology and its best. All our wisdom needs to find a solution.
And probably the wisest option can be the virtual field. We can invest our
planning virtually with the weapons of technology.
The world is moving towards it.

If you go for education,
If you go for business,
if you go for e-commerce,
if you go for time-saving,
if you go for strategy,
the answer will remain constant.
This is not only due to pandemics. Already a survey study has been conducted by
the researcher.
From that study, they have claimed that –
A minimum of 16% of employers will be joining the virtual field after the
covid. So the employers will be more interested in remote work in future.

That’s why business leaders will focus on a virtual skilled individual more than a
physical field worker. So this will conduct remarkable changes on the field. Now
let’s have a look at some skills that are going to be highly paid in near future.

Public relationship Officer-

This is growing rapidly and this growth is 9% faster than before. A Public
relationship officer is the bridge of a company where customers, retailers or
Investors walk all together to achieve the goal. So It's always one of the most
important roles for the welfare of the company. For building a career in this path,
the academic background is not the compulsory one for everywhere. Because
nowadays business leaders prefer the candidate having soft skills and strategy
more than having an academic degree. But Before applying for the job one needs
to be very sure about the fact that It's only suitable for multitaskers.

Software Developer-

It’s one of the fastest-growing fields. It is now 22% faster than before. Software
engineers design and develop the software, features and model etc. Nowadays
app development’s becoming a major issue for multinational companies. Coding
is a must for building a career in this path. Moreover, a bachelor in Software
Engineering or Computer Science Engineering will reflect a positive vibe.

Physician assistant –

This sector is increasing vastly nowadays. The growth rate is
31% faster than before. The main task is to examine and diagnose the patient and
make a report. It's very similar to Md (medical doctor). How to set a career in the
field? A simple but higher study will be preferable. After having a bachelor degree
in Biology, one needs to complete a Master degree from PA School.

Financial Manager-

The growth rate of this sector is continuing and it’s 15% faster than before. A
financial manager is a key to generate profit in the business. he manages and
calculates all the direct financial terms. That’s why if the company fails to
generate profit, he will be responsible. So those who have the analytical skills and
those who love taking risks can join the community.
A bachelor in finance or business is a must for the candidates.

Information security analyst –

Day by day, the demand for this job is growing instantaneously. The growth rate is
31% faster than before. Every business has some secret strategy and personal
information which should never be revealed to mass people. But some dishonest
people or hackers try to seal them and make the business collapse, So this is a
major issue to keep the companies internal information secured from a third
person. that’s why the company needs an information security analyst, who will
identify, fix those issues and make the business safe from this kind of unwanted
A Bachelor degree in CSE or related technical field is a must for applying for this

Data scientist-

Here comes another field, which is considered as one the fastest-growing job
nowadays. The growth rate is 31% higher than before. The main tasks here are
collecting data, organizing data, analyzing data, making a model or flowchart,
brainstorming ideas, algorithm development etc. It's preferable for the

tech persons having Bachelor degrees in
Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science.

Actuary –

The actuary is a very well-known job field and continuing its growth for a long
period. The growth rate is now 18% than before. It’s commonly noticeable for the
Insurance, health, life and medical sectors. Communication skill is a must for
developing career here. The main task is to communicate with clients and make
their mindset go for it. Besides, An actuary researches data and statistics to
impress the client. A diploma or bachelor degree in actuarial science or math
statistics is preferable for the candidates.

Industrial engineers –

This job almost remains constant all the time, as the industry is growing rapidly.
Even now this field is growing 10% faster than before. an industrial engineer will
develop the manufacturing process and products with his analytical ability.
Moreover, he will reduce the manufacturing cost.
BSc is a must for developing a career here.


Time changes, but this creative job remains so fixed all the time. Every company
needs to hire an individual who will promote the business with his creativity.

Nowadays the technical writer’s job is growing 7% faster than before. The rate is a
Lil bit more for the creative writer(9%).
A technical writer writes
instruction manual, product description, FaQ, scripts for the product review, sales
copy etc. On the other hand, A creative writer makes poetry, script, song lyric,
movies and advertisement scripts, manual translation etc.

Are you ready for taking the risk? Are you ready to get hired?

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