A DOZEN Rules to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

by Mr. Maruf Reza Byron

Each age has its own identification. There are distinct trends for different generations. If you consider the example of Bangladesh you will see that in the decades of seventies and eighties of the last century, people wanted to be BCS cadres.  It was their dream profession. In the decade of nineties, the then youngsters of this bright country were dreaming to be corporate executives. And finally, in the first decade of this twenty first century, the young minds of our nation were passionate to settle in a foreign developed nation. These are the special characteristics of those generations of our beloved country. However, the future leaders of today’s Bangladesh want to be something different from all their precedents.  They want to conquer the unexplored chapters of their dream. Today’s generation is more adventurous. They dream to be the change-makers rather trend-followers. They dream to be leaders with vision. With the diffusion of information and communication technologies, the young minds of Bangladesh aim to explore their unlimited potentials. Yes, this is the age of entrepreneurs. This is the time of the doers, the innovators. This is the time to bring creative destruction to the society by inventing new innovative ideas. As a future leader, as a visionary person if you want to create your own distinct position in this turbulent environment you have to be a successful entrepreneur. To reach your goal you must pursue the following twelve rules which will ensure your success as a creative business leader. These twelve rules will make you understand what does ‘entrepreneur’ really mean. Let’s have a look of the meaning of the term ENTREPRENEUR:

E = Extra effort

N = New ways of doing business

T = Tactics

R = Revolutionary outlook

E = Empowerment

P = People-orientation

R = Rational

E = e-solution for customers

N = Next best alternative

E = Equity

U = You-first approach

R = Reassessment of decisions

Bottom Line: If you really understand the meaning of this term ENTREPRENEUR and follow these twelve rules as guiding principles, you will definitely be a successful entrepreneur in near future.

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