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Most Often than not a number of university students don’t have proper focus on career planning. They don’t know after completing the graduation what s/he will do? The majority want a job, what kind of job, in what discipline/specialization or in what industry- this is not a big deal for them. They just need a job to start a career but the thing is that after a certain period, there is no job satisfaction, s/he re-invents her/himself that s/he is not fit for the career, whether s/he would be the right person for other careers. Before looking for a job, they need to analyze their career path, focusing on their passion.

So, dear students at first, YOU have to know, why are YOU looking for a job? And then ask yourself, what do YOU want in a life?

You will never reach your destination if you don’t know where to go…

Now that we know what we want, let’s go job hunting. Successful job hunting is a major life project. It must be carefully planned and executed.

Critical success factors:

  1. The right attitude and frame of mind: Your focus determines your reality
  1. You have to want it
  2. You have to be prepared to promote yourself
  3. You have to imagine yourself at the interview
  4. You have to see yourself in that job
  1. Your documents : Have ready your documents you worked so hard for
  1. Your Résumé
  2.  Your Certificates
  3. Your Transcripts
  4. Testimonials

To prepare your résumé you have to know the difference between résumé  & curriculum-vitae. A résumé is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience and education. While a résumé  is brief and concise – no more than a page or two, curriculum vitae is a longer (at least two page) and more detailed synopsis. You should follow the standard rules & techniques about résumé writing techniques about résumé writing through online career portal/job portal such as, etc. to prepare your résumé  world standard.

The 3 C’s of what employers are looking for from your résumé


  • Level of Knowledge: – Obtained through academic achievement, acquired through reading and experiential learning.
  • Skills: – Your proven ability to perform in your task.
  • Experience – What you might have done to help you fit quickly into the role.


  • Team player – a person who has a strong sense of comradeship.
  • Pleasant personality, understand the team’s beliefs, values and norms.
  • Drive and energy – quickly gets adjusted into the team.
  • Will defend what the team stands for collectively.
  • Dependable & Reliable.


  • Organized, plan work and desire to achieve.
  • Ability to see things through and get it accomplished.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, time management (self discipline).
  • Ensures quality (fitness for purpose) output.
  • Self-managing and motivated.
  • Works with minimum supervision.
  1. Your Job Hunting Methods:

There are many ways to find a job.

  • you can ask your relatives, friends
  • Look through the newspapers,
  • go to employment agencies
  • cold calling, mailing, emailing


  1. Preparing Yourself Physically:

 The first impressions at an interview really do count!

  1. Good personal hygiene- start now
  2. Get some “interview” clothes
  3. Practice talking about yourself in front of a mirror

Typical 1st question “ Tell me about yourself” This is a 3 to 5 minute presentation of who you are.

Do a dressed rehearsal – know what works for you and what don’t

Tips: ask a friend to help, to give comments and be honest.

  1. Attending the interview:

Well Done! You have got yourself an interview!

Job Interview eventually involves a conversation between an employer and a candidate to in order to learn more about each other for the purpose of filling a position within an organization.

You and the interviewer each have a need:

  • you want a job
  • the interviewer wants to find the right person to fill the job.
  • Through an interview both parties start to form impressions of whether a “fit” exists between your qualifications/personality and the organization/position.

Only 15% of the managers indicated that there are no suitable job openings for fresh graduates. Top 3 reasons:-

  1. Poor command of English (55%)
  2.  Poor character, attitude or personality (37%)
  3. Asking for unrealistic salaries and benefits (33%)

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  1. Getting and keeping the job :

A degree may get you a job, but does not guarantee of a successful career

  • KEEP learning. KEEP learning. KEEP learning
  • Read, Read ,Read!
  •  Broaden your mind, surf the net, blog, travel…
  • Acquire multiple skills:
  1. IT skills – keep abreast of latest technology * basic requirement: Microsoft office (word, PowerPoint)
  2. Language skills – pick up a 3rd language
  3. Business skills – Problem solving, strategic thinking, negotiation
  4. People skills- networking, know the people in your industry and get people to know you.
  5. Branding skills – develop a brand for yourself

So if you are ready to get hired, remember…

  •  The right attitude and frame of mind
  • Your documents
  • Your job hunting methods
  •  Preparing yourself physically
  • Attending the interview
  • And … If you didn’t get that job, it’s OK –  try again

Right attitude and mind shaping for a job that will ensure the enjoyable and wealthy career. Knowledge, Skills and Attitude are the 3 (three) key factors to be successful in any career. YOU should get yourself ready in such a way that the job should follow YOU……

Reference: Street SMART Guide, JSBD


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Writer: Md. Shumsud Doha, Asst. Director-CDC, Daffodil International University

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