Career in Cyber Security !!!

Nowadays CYBER SECURITY is becoming a global concern as our society becomes reliant on latest technology. Day by day we will become more vulnerable if we do not use robust mechanism against cyber threats.
Basically, cyber security is the processes or practices which is designed to protect confidential data or unauthorized access from cyber-attacks. It’s also known as information technology security or electronic information security.

Why CYBER SECURITY is important?

At present, the crucial fact is that the internet is not as safe as we think. To need protection of internet connected system including software, hardware, data and other confidential things we need cyber security because its main objective is to defend all of those assets and protect organizations and individuals from cyber-attacks.


Over the computer network an attack can be attempted or launched by cyber criminals to steal data or confidential information, get unauthorized access of computers. Basically, it can be any kind of offensive maneuver that always targets personal computer devices, computer networks or information systems. Cyber criminals always try to use different types of methods to launch a cyber-attack.

Here are the different types of cyber-attacks:
i. Phishing.
ii. Spoofing
iii. Spamming.
iv. Malware
v. Ransomware


To build up a career in cyber security the most common question which comes to our mind that “Is Cyber Security A Good Career Choice? “

Undoubtedly the answer is “YES! YES! YES! & BIG YES!!!!”

Nowadays, cyber security is neither a technical issue nor an IT department issue, it’s becoming a business issue which needs to be led by owner of company. That’s why, many companies or organizations hire cyber security professionals by giving them handsome salaries.

Must have skills for CYBER SECURITY which make you an in- demand

To sustain a long term career in cyber security field, a cyber-security expert must have to be always updated with new techniques, cyber-attacks or cyber-threats. Here are some skills which help to cyber security experts to make big in their career.

  • Strong Programming Knowledge
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Data Management Protection
  • Security Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
Most demanding CYBER SECURITY career roles

The Internet is growing and at the same time, cyber-crime is increasing rapidly. For this kind of issue, it generates great demand for jobs. In this context, organizations or companies are in desperate need of skilled person. But the question is if you are a skilled person, what type of job roles are you most likely to have success in?

Here are some positions which are most demanding in cyber security job:

  1. IT Security Specialist: IT Security Specialists analyze the state of cyber-security of an organization and understand how incident occurs and what needs to be done to solve the issue.
  2. Network Security Engineer: Network Security Engineer always performs the tasks which is related to the network security risk assessments and might be asked to design network infrastructure.
  3. Application Security Engineer: Application Security Engineers can create, implement and maintain computer applications and software including writing and testing software. Most of the time they work in an office environment with other engineers in teams to collaborate on projects.

In CYBER SECURITY, there is a vast scope of career options who wants to pursue his passion about it. The most important thing is that a cyber-security expert doesn’t need to depend on the industry rather there are plenty of opportunities out there for doing remote jobs in
several online marketplaces. In a nutshell, it can be stated that BE SKILLED, TRY HARDER AND YOU WILL BE HIRED AUTOMATICALLY BECAUSE HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF.

Faria Afrin
Batch: 46
Department Of Computer Science & Engineering
Daffodil International University

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