CSE Jobs In Bangladesh

Bangladesh has developing in technologies since the last three decades. Engineering branches have
great impacts on this development. The fast and foremost engineering sector is CSE (computer science
and Engineering). CSE also known as Computer Engineering (CE) is one of the desired fields of this new
age in Bangladesh. The scope of career building is also very high. In fact, students who got the chance to
study on this subject be on cloud nine. Getting a standard job would be like over the moon. CSE or CE
has a great demand on job market. Because this ensures you a stable career path.
There are plenty of job options which can help you to accomplish the mission to be an Computer Engineer.
 Machine Learning Engineer
 Network Architect
 System Analysts
 Database Administrator
 Software Developer
 Blockchain Engineer
 Data Scientist
 Big Data Engineer
 Researcher
 Professor

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is the most appealing field for a wonderful career path. AI or Artificial
Intelligence is intelligence competing the human intelligence. The world is innovating unique
efficiencies of AI day by day. AI is mostly dependent on the Machine learning because of being
an essential part of it. Machine learning (ML)Engineers are the experts in intelligence of
machines, designing, executing. Machine learnings are human like systems able to perform the
tasks done by humans. These need specializations in some languages (Ruby, Python, R, C++,
Perl, Java).
Moreover, the proficiencies in algorithm, data structure are also must.ML engineers of
Bangladesh experiencing reaching the new milestones every year. A report says, the demand of
ML engineers is about 30% among the engineering sectors. The salary is high in both public and
private jobs type. Working experiences can be the addition of your profile to make you selected.

Network Architect

We all are known to the word “Architect”. Architects are the creators who creates generates in
general. In the networking system the networks need to be maintained. The maintaining process
includes the model designing, system analysis and implementation. Usually, the architects find
out the network issues and solve it. For example, if there is a LAN coverage in a company it can
be handled either by some basic modification or by the entire change in the design. First one is
easier to do but the second one needs a specialist who has the proper knowledge about it. The
Network Architect job is there to start with. This job requires the knowledge in both the software
(drivers) and hardware (hub, router) and PC type.
The interesting facts about Network Architects are, students are very much fascinated about this
field but we don’t have enough sectors to teach them. But the organizations do need architects
for their entire system depending on network. So, it says the competitors are less compared to
another job field. The salary range is quite higher and the job opportunity is also enough.

Computer System Analysts

Computer System Analysts job is one of the popular jobs in Bangladesh which completely
belongs to the computer engineering. These are as same as the network architects in some points.
The computer system analysts use to design the system structures and implementation. They
employ for the business, computer and IT sectors. Also, for the betterment of technology by
utilizing the systems to the fullest. The work stations and terminals always need the
improvisation of the system. Any interruption can cost a lot of information missing or dataset
damage. The analysts make sure the working flow by improving the software qualities or the
system itself and keep updated the entire system. They develop the fine tune the existing quality
assurance of software. The computer system analyst salary ranges is quite healthy. Along with
the experiences, your efficiency can bring you on the track.

Database Administrator

If you get the best among the bests can make you be over the moon but for that you have to go
extra miles. Database Administration job is simply that kind of thing. Every CSE job has its own
pivotal role in the world and value to the holder, but this is something top of everything. There
are millions of industries in this world and these have billions of functioning. These need the
stronger administrative for the security and observation. The Administrator supervises the
database, make the access, update the database with new tracks. Bangladesh also has some
multinational companies where every approach and execution need to be confidential and
As we know, the technology has become easier with its impetuous evolution. There are many
unauthorized users can steal or destroy the database. Every action should be confidential so that
the database damages and abductions can be prevented. The administrators need to be witty than

them to ruin their attempts. They are required to have proper analytical skills and excellent SQL
and software knowledge. The Salary range is higher to highest.

Software Developer

Computer Science and Technology is based on software and hardware. If the hardware is the
human body then software is the life of it. Your body is created by the creator, you can’t change
it willingly. But it’s up to you how your life would be. You are always learning new things to
make your better version. If you can’t change your lifestyle or habits with time, you would be
backdated. To survive you need development so the software is. The software also need
development with new innovations or specified changes required by the system. The developers
have a high demand in job field. The programming language such as C++, C, Perl , Ruby ,Java,
Python, Pascal are needed to experts in. The freshers are highly encouraged to hold the job. In
this job, the skills matters than the experiences. The salary range and job opportunity are quite

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Development is the most researched topic of recent times. The entire system security
requires the blockchain. This is highly recommended for cyber security and smart contract
development. Standard blockchain architecture can prevent data theft and miscoding. Blockchain
engineers develop the life cycles of Blockchain. They use the programing languages (java,
c,SQL) along with the algorithms and data structure. Apart from these, the knowledge on
mathematics and statistics Blockchain also involves in data structure and web development.
Sometimes a third party claims the data to be theirs, the Encoding and Decoding goes wrong.
Also, the information leakage happens. Blockchain can prevent these problems. We have a lot
organizations hiring engineers for these in our country. They are privileged with a healthy range
of salary.

Data Scientists

This may sound weird -why science among the data. Everybody knows about the As the name
suggests, data scientists work on every possible way to refine a complex data. Gathering data
from various blogs, social media platforms, relatable websites and extract the hidden patterns
from the data to make proper information. It can solve the problems and face challenges for
business organizations. Data scientists crack the complex dataset to strain the necessary ones and
Collab with deep data. They observe the real and virtual world issues to get the best results in real
world business. Data scientists directs management of any business progress. Data scientists
work is not encompassed by the IT sectors. Any industrial actions are dependent on huge
numbers of data as information. The scientists make the information comprehensive. The salary
range is higher with a fair job opportunity.

Big Data Engineer

Big data Engineering can be an amazing career option because of the rapid growth of business
organizations in Bangladesh. We already talked about data scientists but in case of big data the
quantity can be ranged to the billions. The more the data, more the optimization. Big data
Engineer works for the testing and maintain the data ecosystem. This is close enough to the data
scientists and analysts in terms of the data maintaining. Database optimization need data
frameworks and tools to implement the algorithms and data structure. The engineers need both
the API(application interface) and ETL(extract, transform and load) tools. Unlike the other jobs,
freshers are not that much privileged although being skillful. A work experience of minimum
three years can help you to be more efficient and make things easier for the job. The job
opportunities are medium to high with a higher salary range.


Research based on CSE are amazingly appreciable even in Bangladesh. Compare to the ending
of the last century, the beginning of this century has developed in researching. Students who love
researching cam make this as their career. Researching is to point out the drawbacks of some
new tools, techniques and advantages of those. Publishing a standard research from the well-
known journals can make you selected for a professional. Engineers can predict their obstacles
problems on a project and find the way outs. Researchers on Google scholar, research gate are
highly referred for a new research or the raw structures. Bangladeshi researchers are also doing
great in international research fields. There are many authors from Bangladesh have the
publications in Nature journal which is considered to be the best reputable journal till now. There
are a few numbers of International research Institutes in Bangladesh which hire a great number
of research every year. The job opportunity is high along with a highest range of salary. if you
have any publication in the journals like Nature, IEEE, Elsevier then you are already short listed.


“The more you teach, the more you learn”. Teaching is the most respected profession in this
world. It’s said that teachers are the second parents of a student. Even in Engineering. during
your courses, there were teachers who helped you to solve problems. Project Manager do the
same. Maybe it listed at the end but the demand is not less. There are more than 100 universities
(both private and public) having the CSE department and thousands of students graduating as
engineers every year. But comparing to the students the professors are like “drop in the bucket”.
This is also another reason even after completing engineering students have many lacking which
confines them from jumping into the career fields. They are less confident about the gap of their
learnings. The professors work as a bridge between your lacking and you. For example, if you
are facing a problem in image processing the only person can help you who specializes in it.
Moreover, the mentor and the guide is the professors themselves. Professors have already a
respected image if he is a CSE professor bound any explanation. The Ph.D. degree can solidify
you for the job.

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