This is the digital era where the majority of the work is done on smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and other smart devices. Hardly there is something where smart devices aren’t being used, right? This has significantly increased the need for smartphone application development and website development!  

As companies located across the world are identifying new opportunities to stay ahead in software development, they have gradually started hiring highly experienced web developers to satiate their project requirements.

Now going a little bit in flashback, during the pandemic era, employees were allowed to work from home just the same as in-office. Yes, there were some distractions like lack of communication, delayed responses, mismanagement and other things too, but this felt more exciting and comforting! The same scenario is with freelancers. The difference is since the beginning freelancers used to work in their comfort zone. 

The question here arises is, do we need to hire dedicated developers or dedicated freelancers!!

For a number of reasons, startup and business owners plan to outsource their software projects. According to a Deloitte report, almost 70% of companies go for outsourcing their projects. In contrast to first-time clients who are considering outsourcing their web or mobile app development and are having difficulty deciding between a freelancer and a software development contractor, experienced clients have no problems at this point of their product production.

When it comes to web development it is undoubtedly quite a lengthy and complex process as it involves many crucial entities. This encompasses right from organizing the right team to acquiring necessary tools and equipment, till delivering the final result with efficient processes — at each and every step it requires most valuable assets- time and money.

Also, depending on the type of project, the requirements may vary. Some projects may need deeper expertise and at times the company’s existing development staff has less or no expertise or resources. So as a result, it becomes quite challenging to implement new features or test the existing ones. This ultimately leads companies to hire outside resources by either hiring freelancers or hiring a dedicated team of developers.

So let’s first see when to hire whom for our app development and web development projects. 

Hire Freelancers, if-Hire Developers, if-
Need to execute a short-term projectNeed to execute the big and long-term projects
Project requirements are clear and pre-defined with less probability of changesProject requirements may vary with the progress of the project
Quality does not play a crucial roleQuality plays an important role
The budget is fixed and smallUnclear and undefined budget limitations
Final deadline/release date is knownThe exact deadline/release date is not known

Since the reasons are stated when we can prefer freelancers or a dedicated developers team for our app and web development projects, now let’s have a detailed look at how both vary from each other-

1. It’s all about talented minds at one place-

Yes, it’s true! Today a number of projects need a thorough knowledge of multiple technologies. For an instance, having knowledge of front-end technologies like (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) along with back-end knowledge (SQL, Java, C#, and others) can end-up building an innovative website or any web application that can help their clients.

As a result, a dedicated team of developers who have the right technical knowledge are highly preferred. On the other hand, many of freelancers are entirely niche-oriented and only some have extensive and deep knowledge of other technologies too. As a result, depending on the type, size and nature of the project, one can make a decision to hire a developers team or a freelancer. 

The key take here is- don’t go with the size. Just go with the right knowledge and right talent for your project!

2. More commitment with more results:

Hiring a team of ‘Dedicated Developers’ itself means the team is thoroughly committed towards your project and they will ultimately satiate all the project requirements and fulfill the request, even if it comes at last time. These dedicated teams, most obviously have no other tasks in their to-do list which can distract them and so with a strong focus they can deliver your project with the right and guaranteed results.

In the case of freelancers, you may or may not experience seamless dedication and focus. Some freelancers work only on one project at a time with good concentration keeping the quality of work in mind. However, as most of them are associated with more than one project at times, they may fail to deliver their best in one project. 

The key take here is to have faith in the workforce you hire. They will give their best with their thorough commitment.


3. Post-release / Post-implementation support:

Any software development project needs constant support and maintenance post-release and post-implementation period. This may include adding new features or updating existing ones or ensuring that it is bug-free and runs smoothly without any errors. With a dedicated developer, you can be bound with a legal contract and whenever required can renew it as they will be also happy to help and support you after its implementation. 

On the other hand, freelancers offer after-support and services post-implementation only till the contract validity stays. They take full responsibility for the project and constantly monitor the performance during the contract period. 

The key take here is you can get a good amount of post-implementation support only if you build a long-term contract and clearly mention terms about post-release support.

Let’s have a quick comparison between Hiring Dedicated Developers v/s Hiring Freelancers!


PriceLow RatesHigh Rates
QualificationLimited expertiseExpertise in multiple fields
Task ConcurrenceMultiple at one timeEach member of team have a specific task set to execute
Contract TermsTemporary or Long termLong term
Size of projectSmall to full-timePreferably bigger projects

The best thing you can do is hire dedicated developers in India as they can help you endlessly with your project requirements- before, during and after post-implementation processes. Not just that, your project may undergo regular updates with the release of new innovative technology and innovations. Isn’t that truly appreciative!


There is no strict rule that you need to hire a team of dedicated developers only for your project. Just the thing is with a dedicated team you will get quality with guaranteed results and surety of after-implementation services. While on the other hand, freelancers could work as the best option for short-term and one-technology-focused projects. 

Briefly stating, everything depends on the project and the developer you hire- whether a freelancer or a team!

Author Information

Author Name:- Harikrishna Kundariya

Biography:- Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, and Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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