A resume is a formal document that sums up the Job seeker’s qualifications, skills & Experience. The Resume Represent a Job Seeker. The Resume highlights the talent and experience that align well with the trades and employers looking for their ideal candidates. These skills often come from internships in part-time jobs and extracurricular activities like student organizations, study abroad, academic projects, etc. Most importantly, a resume shows your value to a potential employer. By the value, we mean the type of result job seekers have produced and can reproduce the value employers look for under two categories Productivity and probability from Experience. Many are used for resume internship opportunities, employment, etc. This informative guide will help you understand How to Create a Resume / CV for Bangladesh Job Sector.

How to Make a Resume/ Cv For BD Job Sector

When creating a resume, there are three steps to keep in mind.. The first is figuring out the layout and format you will use. The second is nailing your resume headline. And then the third is completing the sections of your Resume, which is the most important thing. Finally, the completed Resume should be proofread two or three times.

Pick the Right Resume/ CV Format & Layout in BD

  • The format and the Layout. The three main resume formats. The first is chronological. You want to type your most recent work experience and then go back. The same goes for Education, your professional, Certificates, Achievements, and all the other sections.
  • The second is a functional or skill-based template. These are good for graduates or people who are making a career change and want to focus on their skills.
  • Additionally, The Third One combines the first two. Of course, Named Combined. And it can be used in some specific cases. But in 90 percent of the cases, you want to go with the chronological format because this is the resume format that recruiters and employers worldwide are used to.

Resume Header:

Your resume’s header is placed at the top. In the header, there is essential information that you must always include.

  • First name/ Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Locations
  • Job Title
  • Formal Photograph

Optional Information

  • Linkedin Url Relevant
  • Social media
  • Website/ Blog /Portfolio

Here We Can See an Example Of a Professional Resume Header:

Resume Title

Mention Your Personal Details & Contact Information

Make sure you proofread your information in the header because if you misspell a number in your phone number or a letter in your email address, the recruiter or recruiter won’t be able to contact you. And your recent formal photograph must be included.

There is also some information that should not be included in your Resume heading. And it’s your date of birth unless it’s specifically required in the job ad. Do not include a non-professional email address. Recruiters and Employees, when they see that, will think it is very unprofessional and may reject your Resume.

Use a Resume Summary

We will start with the resume summary. A brief objective is usually a two to a four-sentence summary of your career. An example you can use as motivation is “Professional Marketing Manager with five years of Experience in digital marketing. Social media marketing experience including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Account management experience with a $10000+ monthly budget. B.A in Marketing Management, etc.

Use a Resume Objective

Resume Objective This is the goal of your Resume. It communicates your motivation to enter a new field. And it communicates your motivation to enter a new field. Here we see real examples:

“Call Center Executive with three years+ experience in phone technical support to leverage communication skills as a Sales Representative at XYZ Company. Excellent track record in providing quality support and service, maintaining a 4.7-star rating in the first two years from 10000+ clients.”

Resume Sections

The resume section is the essential part of your Resume. We Can structure Our Resume in this Part. Consequently, you should organize your work experience as follows.

List Your Work Experience & Achievements

  • Job Title /Job Position
  • Company Name / Location
  • Dates Employed
  • Achievements & Responsibilities

First, you have to job title or position. Under it, You would have left the company name and optional locations. Then you would have the dates that you were employed for that Company. Then you want to list between four to Six and a Maximum of ten achievements and Responsibilities. And as an optional As Well, it would be the company Description.

How to List Education on Your Resume

Here, you want to start with your program name, university name, years you attended or graduation date. And optionally, you can include courses relevant to the job you’re applying for, your honors or awards, your GPA (include GPA if high), your academic achievements… and that’s it. As mentioned earlier, something else seems to be coming. “Academic Achievement, and…”. So, here we have a professional example. As you can see, the education section starts with the university name, followed by the program name and the years the person attended the university.

Then, we have an example of a nice prize. And finally, here, we have, as an optional section, we have relevant courses. After including your work experience and education, it is essential to mention your best skills.

How to List Skills in Your Resume

Keep in mind that you can include two types of skills on your Resume. So, first, have the hard skills. These are measurable abilities that usually get you a score or diploma. Some examples include Programing, Google Analytics, Photoshop, French cuisine, and engineering. Soft skills are the second category of skill.

These are personal abilities and very difficult to measure. Some examples included here are leadership, Problem-solving, critical thinking, empathy, and adaptability. There are some jobs where people only incorporate their hard skills. But always remember to include some soft skills as well, because nowadays, no matter the job, you always have to work with other people. Additionally, working with others calls for soft skills. And here, we can see an example from a resume where we have hard and soft skills.

Include Additional Resume Sections – Languages, Hobbies, etc. (Optional)


Whether the job description requires it or not, being able to speak multiple languages is incredible, and no one can argue with that! Classify the languages by competence:

  • Native
  • Fluid
  • Competent
  • Intermediate
  • Essential

Hobbies & Interests:

Your Resume already has limited space. So, you should only mention your hobbies and interests in a resume . . And if you’re going to mention them, you should also know that certain hobbies say certain things about you. Generally, your hobbies and interests should show your strengths and how you would be a good fit for the job you are applying for.

S0, if you like to speak at local conferences, chances are, you’re extrovert and good at public speaking – which could come in handy in a sales role.”

How to Use Skill Jobs Cv Builder – My Professional Resume Builder

Skill Jobs is one of the largest job sites in Bangladesh. You can find more types of jobs on our official websites. We’ve created an online intuitive resume /Cv builder that allows you to create professional resumes, like the example I’ve shown you. The editor already offers all the necessary categories, such as contact information, resume, work experience, education, etc. Depending on your demands, you can simply modify the fonts, colors, and layouts on your resume. If you need any career advice, virtual internship or professional training, then visit our official website, Skill.Jobs


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