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Where do I start? How do I write a good resume? How do I excel in interviews? How does the web approach work? These are some of the many questions you probably would ask yourself when looking for a job. As you go through the INTERVIEW GUIDE, you will find comfort in knowing exactly what to do with yourself.


The interview is a crucial area. It is not enough to show up for the meeting and hope that inspiration will hit you. While a well-crafted resume will definitely help carry you to first base, it is the interview that will ultimately bring you to home base – or lead you to a strikeout. Therefore, knowing how to play the interview cat-and-mouse game cannot be overemphasized. There are different forms of the interview but the basic principles of good interviewing remain the same.

Dig up all you can about the hiring company and prepare ahead of time by anticipating questions and having ready answers in your head. During the interview, extend a warm handshake, show confidence and enthusiasm and flash your pearly whites. After the interview, do not forget to thank the interviewer and to inquire about what will happen next. Back home, draft and send a Thank You letter to the interviewer immediately.

A serious job seeker should not leave this crucial stage of the search process to chance or luck. Here are 10 rules of thumb for a winning interview performance:

    Research beforehand on the company’s services, products and operations. Get details from their annual reports or websites. This way, you will be able to intelligently discuss how your talents, skills and experience can help reach their organizational goals. Bring along additional materials for a successful presentation, such as an extra resume and work samples.
    The horrendous traffic is no excuse to be late to your appointment and thus earn debit points from the start. Leave for the interview at least one hour earlier than necessary to cope with any contingencies such as motor breakdown, traffic jams and poor weather.
    Remember what they say about first impressions? You may be tempted in this casual-dress age to dress down, but be warned that conservative dress codes still rule the hiring day. Formal clothes show you consider the interview important enough to have taken pains to dress up.
    Due to over eagerness or nervousness, some candidates blurt out their response even before the question sinks in, thus giving half-baked answers. Listen carefully and organize your thoughts before answering. If you have done your homework, you will have ready answers for some of the standard questions thrown your way.
    It is amazing how some candidates think they can win sympathy points from the interviewer by ranting against a previous employer. On the contrary, this will mark you as a potential troublemaker and raise serious doubts about the real reason you left your job. Concentrate on elaborating your own accomplishments – and squash any impulse to gripe.

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    Of course, we all love a dream job offer that is bundled with a fantastic pay package but you must not say that. Do not go to the interview intent on extracting information from the interviewer about what the firm can give you. Remember that you are marketing yourself, so strive to convince the employer that you are their best bet.
    Making salary inquiries during the first interview is a big no-no. It gives the interviewer an inkling into what your utmost consideration is. Do not broach the topic until you receive a definite offer. And find out beforehand what the salary scale is for the position to negotiate effectively.
  • ASK AWAY   
    If the recruiter inquires, “Do you have any questions?” take him up on it. Good questions to pose include those on the company’s directions, plans, culture, the specifics and expectations of the job and those along a similar vein to underline your keen interest in the firm and the position.
    Jobs are hard to find, it is true, but have some pride. Do not reveal over-eagerness to please or an over-willingness to accept everything. Maintain a good posture, extend a firm handshake, flash friendly teeth, and strive for an alert and confident attitude.
    An interview requires that you follow certain practices such as maintaining eye contact and wearing formal clothing. But more than that, sending a Thank You letter after the interview shows basic courtesy and proof of your sincere interest in the position.

Please note that this Guide does not serve as the ultimate advice provider. It only serves as a comprehensive and resourceful friend in helping the most important element: YOU. Here’s the first advice: Read plenty more about job hunting because as you read more, you will learn more and this can only benefit you.

Reference: Street SMART Guide, JSBD


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Writer: Md. Shumsud Doha, Asst. Director-CDC, Daffodil International University


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