Appointment letters

A job candidate who is chosen for the position will receive an official job appointment letter from the company. It is a formal document that attests to the appointment of the applicant for a certain position. The letter contains numerous information, including the new candidate’s KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas), compensation, incentive structures, bonuses, joining dates, etc. After the candidate has accepted the offer letter, the appointment letter is often sent. It validates the offer provided by the employer that the candidate has accepted and binds the final communication between the organization and the employee.

How to write an appointment letter step by step

Now that we are familiar with the fundamentals of an appointment letter, let’s examine its contents.

  • The candidate’s name, contact information, and the letter’s issue date should be at the top of the formal letterhead to give it an official appearance.
  • Include a salutation followed by a greeting that uses the candidate’s legal name, such as “Dear Rana Das.”
  • Use either the conventional paragraph style, where the text is expressed in whole sentences or another format to write the letter’s content. Or use the contemporary format, where the important elements are listed with bullet points that also contain brief paragraphs.
  • Offer the position to the potential candidate formally in the opening paragraph. The official work title of the recipient should be mentioned in the offer.
  • Describe the candidate’s position and responsibilities in detail.
  • Include a brief mention to the dialogue and the recipient’s start date as agreed upon during the interview or job offer phase.
  • Include the working schedule for the advertised position, such as the anticipated daily hours with start and end times or the anticipated weekly hours. Mention whether the position is full- or part-time.
  • Include the position’s official wage as it was discussed during the hiring process. Include other significant components of the total salary in this section as well, such as insurance policies, gratuities, and pension plans.
  • Near the letter’s conclusion, include all other significant addendum terms and conditions (such as the dress code).
  • If the receiver needs to sign the paper, mention it in the closing paragraph of the letter. In this final area, including the due date for acceptance or a letter response.

Difference Between offer letter & Appointment Letter

Despite the similarities between an offer letter and an appointment letter, there are still some distinctions all are mentioned below :

  • Potential candidates are informed that they have been selected for the post with an offer letter. It is the candidate’s first official communication. An appointment letter, on the other hand, is only given out once the candidates confirm that they desire the position.
  • The general information addressed during the interview process is often included in an offer letter. An appointment letter contains information that is particularly specific to the function in question and is written in great depth.

Appointment letter format

Job seekers must submit an application letter whenever an employer has conducted recruiting to hire people who are actively seeking employment. The call letters for the chosen candidates will be drafted or mailed to their addresses, and they will be contacted for the interview. Once the ideal applicant has been chosen, they will be given an appointment letter as confirmation of their appointment to the position. The appointment letter template format is shown here in Word.

Click here to download an appointment letter format

Appointment letter Sample

Here are a few examples of appointment letters that should be given to an employee after they have successfully completed an interview and been chosen for the position they have been hired for, whether it is as a Software Engineer, Web Developer, SEO Expert, accountant etc.

Click here to download an appointment letter format

Internship Appointment letter

In order to teach newcomers and students who are already pursuing their degrees information of the working environment in organizations, firms occasionally offer internships to these groups of students. These internships will only last a few months, sometimes three months and other times six months, depending on the needs of the organization. These internships typically teach interns a lot.

Click here to download an appointment letter format

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