jobs in Bangladesh

Jobs in Bangladesh

An act performed in exchange of money is called job. A job or employment is considered to be a
profession or occupation if it’s performed for a certain period of time or to be performed for a
long period of time. A job requires physical and mental efforts. Sometimes, the profession helps
to build the career. The duration range categorized a job in part time or fulltime. Sometimes, a
job is performed as a duty such as volunteering, homemaker, parental responsibilities, social
In Bangladesh, the physical efforts are more than mental efforts in terms of job requirements. A
report says 61% of people of our country involved in agriculture. Rests are divided in other fields
like medical, engineering, law, teaching. These four are specified career goals. Apart from these,
there are many job fields in Bangladesh where there are many sectors to get employments. There
is an interesting factor of our country for job is- Many people dream for a career and try to
achieve it but ends up doing a totally different one.
Job is the subset of a profession, if someone is trained for a job his efficiency and skills give him
self- esteem. Otherwise, the mental satisfaction and confidence would be missing. A report of
2019 says about 21% employees have to learn his basic tasks for 3-4 months of his job in our country.

This happens for lack of proper ideas and efficiencies. So, an efficient person can secure
his profession. In addition, jobs offer the pension and facilities, savings, specific benefits, bonus
which can be a financial asset for your tomorrow.

Some of the jobs for smooth career goals in Bangladesh are:
 Medical Job
 Engineering

 IT specialists
 Customer Support Executive
 Call center jobs
 Influencer
 Production Manager
 Freelancing
 Teaching
 Fashion Designing
 Ethical hacking

Medical Jobs

In Bangladesh, there are more than 100 medical institutes (including public and private) and still
planning for more. The larger the sector, the more the number of employees. Candidates who
have enough core knowledges on medical are prioritized for the sector. The salary range is quite
healthy. Working as a medical person, gives you the most honored feeling. As our population is
badly higher, the number of patients and diseases are also the same. There are many people
getting ill, affected by diseases need the medical support where the medical people such as
doctors and nurses are the only people who they depend on for recovery. If you have an injury
for long time or suffering from an unknown disease need to diagnose which is done by some
another people of medical sector. Means the medical people are not limited in doctors and nurse.
So, any of the sector related to medical can be choice of job for you. Sometimes there is no time
limitations if there is an emergency or severe issue.


The basic mindset of our people makes them believe that there are only two respectable
professionals exist in this world -Doctor and Engineer.90% of the students have the same aim in
life. The digital Bangladesh is progressing in Technology, science, mechanics, computer.
Computer, mechanical, food, civil and architecture engineering are most standard sectors. So,
there is a high demand for these fields. Most important thing that the salaries are quite appealing
and besides the experienced candidates the freshers are also appreciated. Because mostly
engineering jobs rely on the skills. The vacancies for this job are quite high. Any engineering
background can make your career a lavish one.

IT Specialists:

Some people get confused with engineering and IT sectors. Although, IT is also a part of
engineering but not engineering itself.IT stands for information technology. The world is
depending on the information. From the satellite to the spaceship working through the
information. An IT specialist solve any issues arose from communication. We are developing in

technology. Bangladesh has already proved that how IT is been using for the project of digital
Bangladesh. II is even included in the secondary and higher secondary level. To work in an IT
job, you don’t have be someone from this background. In fact, there many IT jobs where
employees done a course of 2-3 years on IT. The time duration is usually certain (9-12) hours.

Customer Support Executive

We are living in that era, where with the rapid growth of industries, the customers also
increasing. Taking care of their needs and solve their problems with products are important.
There are many customers care centers in Bangladesh. Sometimes the customers are from other
countries. Candidate needs to be a pro in English to communicate. He needs to be smart and
modest. This job even can be done from home. Receiving the calls, emails and listening to them
patiently and informing the other sectors to solve according to their problems. The salary is high.
If you have the experience of 3-4 years the salary might increase. The job is often divided into
two shifts.

Call center jobs

More than 23million of cellphone users are in our country which is spilling the fact of call issues.
Employees need to receive unbound calls, replying them. This job needs nothing but patience
with smartness. Proper pronunciation in presentable way is the must for this job. The demand
and salary both are good. There are many shifts for this job. Students prefer this job as a part


A job is not just the income for a person. A job involves the fulfillment, productivity, and
purpose. To make your job meaningful, purposeful is also can be his desire. An influencer helps
to be active and productive. You can take any platform such as you tube, Instagram, twitter,
snapchat and web. This is a kind of job where you are you are influencing others about their
sense of responsibilities. Also improves your confidence and social skills.


Freelancing: Independence such a delightful treat for your life. If you have the independence in
your job then you will get lifelong happiness. You can secure your career being an established
influencer, all you need is good performance and conscious about deadline. This job is project
based. You need to be the jack of skills about your works. The payment gives upon the work,
sometimes with the duration. During the job you always have an opportunity to learn something
new or it will help you in being updated about your field.

Product Manager

Managing a single product or many products involve in product managing job. There are many
commercial companies producing many products to export globally. The product manager has
the details of that product. From the design to supply, modification, supplies all lookout are in
your duties. These will require you have technical or marketing skills. This job completely
depends on experience where the salary is medium. This job helps to work in a group, lead a
team, improve the communication capacity of yours.


The most honorable jobs in his world. After parents, teachers are mentioned as their guides.
Teachers are the mentors of the students where students themselves are the future of a nation.
Teaching is considered to be the most divining professions. Making this job as your career
choice might not give you full freedom, amazing salaries for luxurious life but enough respect. If
you want to share your knowledges among others and gain your own storage then teaching is
great. A teacher not only teaches but also learns. They make his students future bright. Teachers
often help their students to take right decisions.

Fashion Designer

For living, there are five important demands of food, clothing, accommodation, education,
medical support. The clothing is really important one. As for our larger population, the garments
production are also huge. Our country is at a good position in garments industries. In fact,
Bangladesh is one of the twenty countries to export clothing. After jute, garment is the successful
exporting business of Bangladesh. Besides the garments producing. The fabrics or designs of
cloths are also necessary because people always like to wear designed dresses. Moreover, your
dress selection tells a lot about your personality. Garment workers stich and fabrics. They can’t
design because this work needs training or background in designing. The designs need to be
fashionable because nobody wants to wear something very normal or outdated. The fashion
designing is undoubtedly an impressive career path. A fashion designer needs to have proper
knowledge for this work. The working vacancies are enough and payments are also higher.

Ethical Hackers

Hackers who hack or destroy important sites, harm the authenticity, steal many important
information sometimes even moneys. Overall hacker is a worse person to us who always does
the bad things. In this point, it might sound weird, but hacking is an amazing interesting job. The
ethical hacking is used for the betterment of security. Malware removal, suspicious user
detection, web security involves in ethical hacking. They are certified for their jobs. They work
against the bad hackers and save our precious information which needs to be safe. Leakage of
information can cause a huge loss, can create clash between organizations even among countries.
So, this job is a great career goal. The salaries are amazing with a higher demand for this job.

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