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Where do I start? How do I write a good resume? How do I excel in interviews? How does the web approach work? These are some of the many questions you probably would ask yourself when looking for a job and excel your career. As you go through the INTERVIEW GUIDE, you will find comfort in knowing exactly what to do with yourself.


Career is the most used word in the world nowadays. But the question is, are we ready to get hired for our dream job? Are we really serious about our career? Some people don’t even have the idea of the difference between job and career. The concept of a job is micro where the term career has the vast meaning and implications. Most of our fresh graduates are too reluctant even thinking about careers. It seems they damn care about their future as well as their career while they are in their student period. Their thought is traditional and very typical. One thing they should know is the current hyper competitive corporate world; technology has erased the boundary of competition. No competition is relying among the competitors at home, its become global now. If we are sleeping like a rabbit, some tortoise may win the game. Shaping a career is not a gambling; thus, you simply cannot focus only on your luck. Your hard work does this. If you are determined to make NAME, FAME AND GAME, then take the game as a challenge, spread up your fame followed by your performance and hold your name on top. We become habitat by involvement not by commitment, while commitment gear you up towards your destination not your involvement. There is no shortcut in your life to be a successful one. You should have some commitment which might create a platform for your success. Remember, try to be a leader not be a follower. If that’s not possible then be a good follower rather than ordinary one.  It said well “Go big, or go home.”  We might think about this quite a bit as it seemed so brash and arrogant. Each person has the opportunity to define “big” for him or herself. If we are to live our dreams and visions about how we want our lives to be, how we want to be remembered, what our contribution to our daily world could be, it IS true. Go big or go home!

Have a vision. Have a master plan for your entire life. What would you like to be doing, experiencing, being or having in your life? What are the things that are most important, significant and valuable to you? If you have no proper answers for them; your career and future may be in trouble. Think big! Think limitlessly. Think “out of the box.” People are often limited by their minds, reluctant to stretch. Remember what Napoleon Hill said: “if you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it!” If you find yourself surrounded by the people who are “thinking little,” it might be difficult to find support and acceptance for your big plans. You may have to include some new associates who want to play “big,” too! You have probably heard that, if you want to run with the big dogs, you have to get off the porch! Jump off that porch and get running!

বিভিন্ন ধরনের চাকুরীর তথ্য পেতে ভিজিট করুন

We need to pay attention prior to draw our career path. You need to consider what you would like to right now and what later on. Both short term and long term goals are important for each individual life. The significant difference is that short-term goals lead directly to long term goals that fit perfectly into the master plan and these keep you in charge! Don’t lock yourself in one semantic plan or dimension; consider your preference, interests during drawing your career blueprint. Keep always an alternative plan; keep plan B all the time to make your career journey smoothly. Make sure your master plan should be a plan for your joy and passion, not for your duty and obligation. If you don’t admire your own profession, nobody will hail you and you might be considered as an educated slave. Love your job whatever it is then the job will love you too. Thus, you will find the way to your destination.

Choose/Select the right Major according to your Career Path

In most of the cases people become confused while they are going to select their major or area or field where they want to see themselves in future. At this stage a majority of students are not motivated by their own but by some others as parents’ choice, elders’ decisions or what their supervisor suggests. Even they don’t think for a while it is your life, not others. You own your life. How come some others will decide what you would be in future? There are some steps that you need to consider while you are in the process of drawing a Career Roadmap. The first step in the Career Roadmap is to Know Yourself. It is vital to identify your INTERESTS, VALUES, SKILLS, PERSONALITY and PREFERENCES in order to make your career well and effective. We should consider the below things while we are going to design our career roadmap and these are:

  • Learning about your interests will help you identify opportunities to pursue and the topics you are most naturally drawn to, making school and work more motivating and enjoyable.
  • Values are the things that motivate us and move us toward certain decisions, behaviors and goals. Values greatly influence the career decision making process, job satisfaction and, ultimately, life satisfaction.
  • Skills are the things that you are good at and have the ability to do well. Assessing your skills allows you to determine which ones you want to acquire or further develop, the specific ways to accomplish those goals, and how your skills match with potential careers.
  • Personality Preferences & Interpersonal Needs are related to your individual, innate nature and tend to be consistent over time. Understanding personality and interpersonal needs allows you to see correlations between the way you make decisions and your work style.

If you are serious about your career you should focus on your master plan or career planning. If not then forget the NAME, FAME and GAME. Ask yourself now and then, “Am I on the road to my vision by doing this?” If not, make a correction before spoiling everything.

Please note that this Guide does not serve as the ultimate advice provider. It only serves as a comprehensive and resourceful friend in helping the most important element: YOU. Here’s the first advice: Read plenty more about job hunting because as you read more, you will learn more and this can only benefit you.

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Writer: Mr. Ibrahim Khalil, Coordinator-Training & Development, CDC and  Md. Shumsud Doha, Asst. Director-CDC, Daffodil International University

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