Machine Learning Jobs in Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh is a dream project. Throughout the process the best thing happened in
Bangladesh is the standardization of Technology. Our day starts with the technology and ends in
it’s lap. Technology is badly dependent upon the machine learning. Apart from this,
Programming, web development, software engineering, data science are also the essential parts.
Which are connected with each other to explore the technology. Undoubtedly these are desirable
career fields of the last decade. Artificial intelligence, Neural networking, cloud computing and
machine learning are no exception. Among them machine learning (ML) diametrically related to
computer program is also equipped with foundational data science skills.
Machine learning is indeed a good path to build up a career. According to a report by 2019, ML
jobs are the top jobs in terms of salary, growth of postings, and general demand. Another report
says, 2015 to 2018, the number of circulars for ML Engineer have increased 344 percent with the
basic salary up to $146,085.ML Most of the circulars provide by the multinational companies. AI
(artificial intelligence) helps IT leaders. The global enterprises help to come out from the global
pandemic with negligible loss. To increase the data science and ML techniques experienced and
skillful professionals are needed.

A ML specialist explores the models and self-running software whereas the data specialists use
dataset to find out actionable insights for stakeholders. These make use of the data, model and
automates predictive models. In other words, ML engineers act as joiner between data and
software. They create programs the machines to function avoiding human assistance. Since the

connection between data model the software is uniquely special to make use the data.ML
engineers are positioned to help organizations. They handle fraud, anomalies deploy speech
recognition technologies and data images.
Besides the profession there is also an important fact that is where you are working. The
multinational companies are always in everyone’s bucket list.ML can be assed as a promising
profession in Bangladesh because of many multinational companies. There are several career
paths you could choose to work. With the ML background, you can get a high-paying job as a
ML Engineer, Data Scientist, NLP Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, or a Human-
Centered Machine Learning Designer. Part of these, the positions are lucrative career because
people with machine learning skills are always in high demand. There are even reports of wars
over AI talent and ML as tech giants rush to secure the top brains in the industry.

Let’s check out some jobs options on ML that definitely will be in demand for decades to come
in Bangladesh. The twist is ML has stopped being an imaginary technical field to work. It is
intertwined with humanities field as well. If you’re excited about data, automation, and
algorithms then machine learning is the right career move for you. Your work will be filled with
moving large amounts of raw data, implementing algorithms to process that data then automating
the optimization process. Here, we are conducting research to find out some appealing

Machine Learning jobs in Bangladesh.

Machine learning software engineer

The tendency of becoming a ML engineer is strongly possessed in the youngsters of Bangladesh.
As we know, being an engineer is the dream job of the 40% of the students. Become a ML
engineer can be an aim of their life. also known as a programmer who is working in the field of
AI. Their work is to create algorithms enables the machine to explore and explain input
information and understand the causal relationships among events. ML engineers also work on
the betterment of the algorithms. To become an ML software engineer, one to have excellent
logic, analytical thinking and proper programming skills.
In Bangladesh, there are some multinational companies where employers or company owners
basically expect the ML engineers to have an academic degree in computer science, data mining,
graph mining, text mining, mathematics, algorithm. Experiences make a person more skillful-
this is a business quote to be followed. In most of the software companies-at least 1 year of
experience with the implementation of ML algorithms in profile is needed. You also need to
having coding experiences in programming languages C, C++, C# are the languages known to
everybody. So, you might be expected to be familiar with some of the relevant tools like Flink,
Spark, wireshark, ns-3 ,Sqoop, Flume, python, sql, Kafka, or others.

Computational linguist

ML algorithms and programs are a satisfactory line for the Computational linguists used for
developing translating systems, web development, virtual assistants, online dictionaries,
mechanical sectors specially robots. A group of Dhaka University students of Bangladesh made a
3D animated short film which proves our obsession in computational linguists. They have a lot in
common with ML engineers but they gathered deep knowledge of linguistics and understand that
how the computer systems outlook for the natural language processing. They frequently are be
able to run codes in Python, Pascal and some other languages. They are required to show their
profile of experiences in that field. The NLP and employers expect them to provide valuable
suggestions about the new innovative approaches for NLP and product development.

AIOps engineer

Bangladesh is doing great in AI from last decade. At the beginning of 21 st century, our country
started to keep the presence on AI jobs in the ground of international fields. The tasks of the ML
engineers are interesting. Artificial Intelligence engineers help to improve and employ the ML
algorithms that analyzes the IT operations. The data boost the efficiency of IT related operations.
Businesses dedicate huge human resources performance monitoring for real time and virtual
which is anomaly detection. AI helps you to automate the process on operational system and
optimize labor costs.
Artificial intelligence operation for IT operations is an appealing sector in Bangladesh.
Therefore, to get selected as an AIOps engineer, having knowledge on the areas like networking,
cloud technologies, and security (and certifications are useful). Experience in automation of
Python, Go, shell scripts, are quite necessary as well as the skill.

Robotics engineer

Ribo is first robot created by SUST students which can speak Bengali It can understand
expression can interact with people and have 24 degrees of freedom. This is an inspiration to the
people want to come to this field. Being an robotics engineer is a fascination of many students.
A robotics engineer designs robots and fictionalize the robotic systems. They standardized the
mechanics of the future human assistant, envision how to assemble its electronic parts using
software. If you are a pro on electronics and mechanics then to become a specialist in this field is
easier for you. Also, being well-versed in mechanics allows you to work frequently with AI for
things like dynamic interaction and obstacle avoidance.
Like other sectors, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree on computer science,
engineering, robotics for this job. If you are skilled then you would be privileged even being a
fresher. Furthermore, having an experience with software development in programming language
like C++ or Python, java, advanced java then you short-listed. Another thing needed to have for
ML specialists are to be familiar with hardware interfaces like cameras, LiDAR, embedded
controllers, and more.

Cybersecurity analyst

About 12.93% of the population of Bangladesh, use the internet. These causes the threats of
cybercrime. So, there could be a huge chance for information loss, security, confidentiality. To
prevent the problems data leakages should be prevented. It is important to protect the ubiquitous
AI system from malicious users. Cybersecurity specialists detects the users and stop them from
any kind of misuse of data. There are many countries where the academic degrees aren’t needed
except the skill, but in case of our country besides the general knowledge of security operations
frameworks and similar fields, at least a degree on CEH, CASP+, GCED needed.
Data scientist

Data scientists work to mine, integrate, transform data using machine learning algorithms to
work with big data. Usually, they work with unsupervised arrays of data learning that have to be
cleaned and selected. Once the data is selected it starts to preprocess. One of the major tasks is

then which is to discover patterns in the data sets that can be used for predictive business
intelligence. In order to be a data scientist, you have to have the ability to explore every small
detail on mathematics.
Graduation in math, physics, statistics, data mining, computer operating system mostly required
to work as a data scientist. You need to be successful in project solving on Python and SQL
skills. The outstanding algorithm knowledge with analytical skills is another plus point. The
work is usually encompassed in analyzing data to present their findings. If you are skilled in data
visualization tools such as Google Charts, Tableau, Grafana, Chartist, Fusion Charts,
communication excellency and PowerPoint then you are on the point.

Cloud architect

This is one of the amazing job field among the machine learning jobs in Bangladesh. We all are
known to the word cloud computing. The majority of ML companies find cloud computing
preferable to save their data in the cloud. Every telecommunication involves with the clouds. The
Bangubandhu is the only satellite of Bangladesh with the capacity of GEO. This satellite
processing is dependent on the clouds. The multinational companies hire many professionals for
this. Besides, many telecommunication networks depends on the clouds because these are
reliable and scalable. The machine learning specialized in dealing incredibly large amounts of
data. Cloud architects manage the cloud architecture, model designation. In many companies of
Bangladesh, cloud technologies become more usable. Cloud computing architecture surrounded
by everything related to it, including ML software platforms, servers, storage, and networks.
The cloud architectures are hired for architectural solutions in AWS with their expertise in using
various tools. Even tools like, Puppet, Solarwinds, Ansible are also very popular. Employer also

look for the one who can monitor and operate the tools such as AppDynamics, NewRelic Chef,
Human-centered AI systems specialist/researcher/designer

Apart from the discussed fields, human-centered artificial intelligence systems designers make
sure that intelligent software is made with the end-user in mind. AI must learn to collaborate
with humans for human intelligence and improve the deep learning algorithms. A human-
centered AI designer must possess technical knowledge with understandable cognitive science,
computer science, psychology of communications, and UX/UI design.
Human-centered AI system designer is a high position so candidates need to have a PhD degree
in human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, or a related field. Having a PhD degree
is no less than 2-3 years of experiences.
In Bangladesh there are some interesting facts of professions. An example, a kid dreams to be
doctor, take the field of engineering to study and ends up to be a part of mentor. So, apart from
those mentioned career paths, there are some other options to follow. If you aren’t from any of
these technical backgrounds but you want to transit to a completely new field then don’t be
worried. You still have some of the technical profession remained. Let’s view out these emerging

Data ethicist

Data ethicist are allowed to process the techniques to process the knowledge for information.
They are there to know how to manage risks, handle big data and storing data. Data ethicist is the
professional of the future because they are at the intersection point of technology, ethics.

Data lawyer

Data lawyers are specialists who can guarantee security and compliance with tons of data
selection, protection, regulation and requirements to avoid millions of dollars in fines. They
know the proper protection of data and the way to buy and sell this data that avoids any legal

Conversation designer

There is a saying that we Bangladeshis are pro at conversation on any silly topic. So, it’s easy for
us even it’s something serious. But the most wondering thing is you could be hired only for this
quality. Seriously!!! This is half -truth, remaining would be completed with some requirements.
This will need some specialization in ICT. Basically, a conversation designer designs the user
experience of a virtual assistant. Also, he is efficient in UX/UI copy writing and specialize s in

information and communication. Excluding these, there are many ML jobs in Bangladesh. The
most popular ones are discussed here.

AI Specialist

An AI ethicist is someone who conducts ethical audits of AI systems of companies and proposes
several comprehensive strategies for improving non-technical aspects of AI. Their goal is to
eliminate reputational, financial, egal risks that AI adoption might pose to the organization. They
are specialized in bearing responsibilities for their intelligent software.

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