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What is from your point of view the most crucial part of the resume? Some people will be going to cast voting for all parts of it. For the completeness of a good resume, it is true that all parts of a resume have different importance.

What is a career objective?

The best objective is one that is tailored to the job an applicant is going to applying for. It describes at the beginning in a nutshell the entire reflection of a resume. Employers can be able to understand what kind of career you are seeking. It also reflects your skills and experiences that make you the best candidate for a job.

As a fresher

As a fresher, how to get noticed by your favourite employer? Be sure, not all the resume are equally noticed by the employers. Infact, most of the resume, unfortunately, go unattended and/or unnoticed.

As an experienced

If you are experienced enough in your current job, and thinking of a career switch, experience and achievements might be much preferable to the employers, rather than career objective.

First impression

Yet, as a first impression, importance of a career objective is unlimited, especially for the freshers. We are going to talk about how to write a perfect career objective.

Ignite your passion

But before all, you should listen to your heart and chose a career where your passion meets. When you will be selecting your dream job, you can enjoy, that lead to your successful career ahead. So, make the first impression the best impression.

Know trend

Every job is not equally promising for you. There are many reference to know the future job trend and required skills. Read them and be up to date. It will help you to avoid dilemma and keep you focused to your dream job.

Technique is all

What is your technique to grab your employer’s attention? Your first impression will be proved as the test option to get priority over all other (candidates). And the first impression comes from your career objective.

Right placement

A career objective is placed after the name and personal details on a resume. It is positioned on the top of education, skills, achievements and experience.

Update every time

Customize your career objective in every application. It is the first step of your CV. You cannot underestimate its impact. Most of the candidates do a common mistake. They never update their career objective in line of the job requirements.

We have found many candidates who rarely change their career objective. It is not a good sign. You will find many of your networking who sent 100+ of their resume to that number of companies and never called on for an interview.


Consider the type, job responsibilities, nature of job. Focus to exclusive areas where you can play role on the company. Be specific and to the point. An disorganized career objective with unnecessary points, and vague objective is a sheer misery.

Keep it short

The length of a resume objective should be in between two to three lines. Crossing the limit is not recommended. Keep it short. Your resume is your identity. Give the employer information in short that others can’t give.

Time to get noticed

Keep in mind, HR department browses the key part of a CV only. According to a study released by TheLadders, an online job-matching service, recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume. Hope you understand how much time you have to impress your employer.

Be honest

You should be truthful while writing your career objective. The employer should understand your intention and determination. What you tell, you show mean that. Don’t be too personal and biographical. Show them evidence on your statements.

Be straightforward

Your writing approach should be direct and straightforward. Use active voice with strong paraphrase. Sum Up the whole of your resume intentionally. Emphasize on what you will do, not what you have done earlier.

Dominate with strongest attributes

Write down your strongest qualities that others may not have. However these should be related to your job. Attributes like ‘accomplished leader’, ‘organized and driven’, ‘honest and ethically strong’, ‘dedicated and self motivated’, ‘experienced with implementable learning’, and ‘motivated team player’ are some examples.

Spelling and grammar

As this part comes at the very beginning, be careful about your selection of vocabularies, communicative language, sentence construction and punctuation. Use a decent font with proper size is recommended. A little sign of confusion can damage your entire effort.

Mention certifications

Any kind of professional license, voluntary work, degrees, certifications, courses, related to the applied positions will keep you clearly distinguished.

Online application

Be updated with current and future job trend to catch the best job. Keep your eyes open on the internet and increase networking. Create an account and put your resume in the best job site, and most importantly update your resume (and career objective) before applying every time.

Download templates

You can download FREE 50+ career objectives and customize wherever needed through Best of luck for your bright career!


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