How to Build a Successful Career as a Fresher

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Getting a suitable job in Bangladesh is very competitive. According to a survey, 46% of graduates are unemployed. Other statistics show that almost 66% of the students who graduated from the colleges under National University are jobless. These data provide us a clear picture of how tough is it to build a suitable career for graduation. This blog will provide complete guidelines on how to build a successful career. 

Build a Successful Career After Graduation

“There is not enough job opportunity – this common thing you will hear all the time in Bangladesh. The government is taking several initiatives to remove the unemployment problem. But the problem is so deep that it will not be possible even for the government to solve it overnight. So as a graduate, you should take some extra initiative to keep yourself ahead of others in the race of getting a job. Here are some tips to build a successful career – 

Score a Standard Result

The academic result is the prerequisite for applying for any standard job. If your result is not good enough, you will lose the opportunity to apply for many job vacancies. Considering the current situation one should maintain a minimum GPA of 4.5 in SSC and HSC and 3.5 in honors and master’s programs. 

Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will help you to determine your career path. When you know your strengths it becomes easy for you to know which jobs you will perform better. On the other hand, knowing your weaknesses is also essential. Once you identify your weaknesses you can work on them and recover them easily. Therefore, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses is a crucial part of your career development process.     

Start Early 

If you are planning to get a good job, do not wait for graduation. Start searching for part-time, occasional, or flexible jobs from your student life. It will help you to get some experience. Also, you will be able to create networking with professionals. The best time to start applying for a job is in the second or third year of your bachelor’s program. 

Work as a Student Associate

Many freshers complain that most of the job vacancies require a minimum of one or two years of experience. For this reason, they can not apply for those positions. But if you start working as a student associate from your student life you will not only be able to develop necessary employability skills but also gain two to three years of experience as soon as the completion of your graduation. So, you can easily apply for a job that requires a few years of experience. 

Improve Your Personality

To prove yourself better than others you must work on your attitude and personality. If you want to build a successful career, positive thinking is very essential for young jobseekers. Many times it has been observed that candidates have become frustrated as they do not get any call for interviews instead of applying for hundreds of jobs and or have not been selected even after appearing in hundreds of interviews. In this case, maintaining a positive attitude is very important. 

Be Involved in Some Voluntary Works

Voluntary activities will help you to learn teamwork and leadership. The employer always gives priority to the candidates who were involved in some voluntary activities in their student life. It is also very essential for building a network.  

Do Part-time Job 

Getting a part-time job is not easy in Bangladesh. But you must keep trying for it. Currently, there are many scopes created for university students. For example, the number of supermarkets is increasing where the students can work as salespeople. Similarly, handling delivery, working in fairs and fests, proof checking, content writing, virtual assistant, etc. are the scopes where the students can work as part-time workers. 

Learn at Least One Skill

Skills are the main component that helps you to get a job. So, besides your academic education, you should learn at least one hard skill that has a great career prospect. Content writing, video editing, and animation, software testing, accounting management software, graphic design, WordPress customization, social media marketing, SEO, etc. are the most demanding skills nowadays.  

Do Not Think Too Much About the Payment at the Beginning

As a beginner, you should not think too much about the salary. The first two to three years of your job are the best time to learn the corporate culture and prove yourself better than the others. After that, you can ask your employers to increase your salary.  Once you gain a few years of experience you can also move to a better organization with a better opportunity. 

Network Effectively

Many successful careers are the consequence of effective networking, which may be used to highlight a person’s particular professional abilities. Use the resources at your disposal to successfully network, since your contacts with other industry experts may help you grow, expose you to new and fascinating career opportunities, and even make your job more pleasurable. If feasible, attend industry events to meet colleagues. Use social media to communicate with those in your profession who may be located elsewhere. Maintain healthy connections by providing assistance and utilizing your network to uncover possibilities and ideas.

Be Involved in Innovative and Entrepreneurial Activities

If you have an entrepreneurial mind, do not wait for the job. Involve yourself in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. There are plenty of opportunities like Print-on-demand, delivery management, digital marketing agency, freelancing, blogging, farming, content creating, etc. to build your career.

Keep a Growth Mindset

The term “growth mindset” refers to the concept that anything can be learnt if you put up enough effort. When presented with an issue that you don’t know how to tackle, approaching your profession with a growth mindset will help you achieve since you’ll be more inclined to endure. A growth mindset may also help you build a successful career by giving you the abilities you need to keep learning and growing as your sector evolves.


Creating a better career for oneself is difficult and takes time. It also doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do now is learn how to create excellent company plans and visualize your career path. By accepting this, you will be able to make the best judgments and take the steps necessary to achieve your desired professional level.

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